Best Java Emulator for Android (No Root)

I played Java games for many years and played almost each and every Java game in my Java devices. Enjoyed all best Java games. But after android comes in market java start dying. Java games time is already gone, but still there are lots of people’s here who want to enjoy their favorite Java games again on their Android. And that’s why I am going to share with you today the best Java Emulator for Android.

Best Java Emulator for Android

Java Emulator Apk

Best Java Emulator Apk for Android

I tried many Java Emulators for Android like PhoneMe, Java J2me Runner, Jbed, Jblend etc., but all of them have some serious issues. But now finally I get the best Java Emulator for Android. This emulator name is J2me Loader. It’s very simple, easy, fast and running most Java games/apps without any problem, and that’s why it is the best Java emulator for Android. This emulator does not require root access neither internet connection. Just download your favorite Java game/app, install it on emulator and enjoy.

Watch Video Tutorial:

Here is the simple Instruction about how to play Java games on your Android using J2me Loader app.


1. Download and install the latest version of J2me Loader Apk.

2. Download your Java game in .jar format from web.

3. Open J2me Loader, locate your game where you downloaded it and click on it. Once you click on it, it will start converting your game. Maybe it will take some time for converting your game according to your device specification. In my device, it’s converting Java games in just few seconds.

4. When it finishes converting your game just open it, you will see some settings there. Read below ‘Tips for the best gaming experience’ for settings. When you complete settings, click on start to start your game.

5. Now you can play and enjoy your favorite Java games again in your Android.

Tips for the best gaming experience:

– If you are feeling that the game is slow, tick on ‘immediate processing mode’ in settings. In my device this option really speeds up game speed and game working smoothly.

– Try to download largest screen size available for your Java game so your game will look good in your Android. Like 480*800 or bigger resolution is recommended.

– Try to download landscape full touch games and untick ‘keep aspect ratio’ in settings.

– Insert right resolution of your game otherwise it will not display your game correctly. If you are very sure that game resolution is right, but it’s still displaying game incorrectly, then click on swap sizes in settings.

– If there is problem with game rotation, then turn off auto rotation of your device.

– Just keep Experimenting with settings for different games to get best experience. There is no perfect setting for all games.

Don’t Like Emulator?

If you are not comfortable with emulator then you can try Java ported Android games. There are many 2D Java games for Android are available, and you can play them easily without the use of any emulator. You can download these Java games for Android from here. Just download, install and enjoy.

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    Hi admin, your choice of games ia very good (both android games and java games).
    Your choice is similar to mine.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Avatar

    Thanks for this tutorial.
    I didn’t knew I can run Java apps on my phone without rooting untill now.

  3. Avatar

    i can run forecaweather.jar
    but not connection to internet
    whats wrong?

  4. Avatar

    wow…. thank you so very much… im searched this apps for 2 years… finally i found it….
    Thank you very much…
    Keep the good Work, bro…???

  5. Avatar

    How can i port it to apk?

    1. Only4Gamers

      No need to port anything. Just Install emulator, download java game from web and open it in emulator, adjust some settings and enjoy your java game. All instructions are already mentioned above.

    2. Avatar

      Tell the website for downloading java games
      Suitable for Android

  6. Avatar
    Emerson Neves

    Muito bom o melhor app de todos é esse ai! sou do Brasil e amo esses jogos java!

  7. Avatar

    Please Port Game . java game port run better than emulator run game .

    1. Only4Gamers

      Sorry bro but I don’t Port games. I just search best games and upload them here.

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    At last I Found A Java Emulator Without Root.

  9. Avatar
    I should feature your site on my youtube channel :D

    MAN, Thank you so much. Hidden gems like this site deserves recognition!

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    Raj singh

    Hello sir sory for my bad English sir I buy new phone 720x 1200 screen size phone and i don’t have my Samsung 7582 so I can’t play game 2d game just like zombiwood assasin creed men in black and more so sir I want any To play 480×800 size games on my new phone phone OK and if its not possible so sir can u give some 720×1200 size Java jar games so I can play games with j2me emultaer thanku and reply me

    1. Only4Gamers

      You can play 480*800 .jar games using this Emulator. You just need to tweek some settings and you will get full screen gameplay.

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    Marcos Pittmann

    Deference to author, some superb information .

  12. Avatar

    here’s the main problems tho touch responses lag
    screen size busted
    no continue u if u close game start over
    have limited storage for converted jars
    still this is the emulator with the least problems so thx whoever made it plz keep improving

  13. Avatar

    I have downloaded the j2me app and another similar app. Both dont have the ‘softkeys’. Which makes it impossible to play the old goodfellas nokia game. Its killing me. Im so close but this softkey thing is screwing me. Any way you can help me?

    1. Only4Gamers

      This emulator have softkeys option. Check in settings.

  14. Avatar

    Thank you so much!

  15. Avatar

    Mascot Capsule 3D was a graphics technology created by the Japanese company HI Corporation, compatible with Java ME. It was developed for the i-Mode service of the NTT DoCoMo company and reached the West for several terminals of the Sony Ericsson K and W series. It was an attempt to improve the 3D performance of the Java standard JSR184, known as Mobile Graphics 3D or M3G. Java ME was a rather limited environment when it came to graphics and performance because it did not directly use the phone’s hardware, but instead ran on top of a virtual machine. Unlike other technologies such as Nokia’s Symbian, Qualcomm’s BREW, Synergix’s Mophun or In-Fusio’s ExEn. Java programs are said to be about 10 times slower than the competition. The thing is, Java was on pretty much every phone in the world at the time, which is why it used to be the environment of choice for developers. This technology has been the holy grail of Java ME emulation for two decades. To date, there was no Mascot Capsule 3D emulator, except for the Sony Ericsson SDK for Windows. For a few years, however, a Russian programmer named Nikita Shakarun has been developing the ultimate Java ME emulator: J2ME-Loader. It is exclusive to Android (and everything seems to indicate that it will never be ported to Windows) but in a short time it has surpassed, by far, any other Java ME emulator in history, including the classic KEmulator, the most popular to date. J2ME-Loader does not yet emulate Mascot Capsule 3D, although Nikita is working on its implementation. It has been another programmer, known as woesss, who has created a branch of J2ME-Loader to implement the Mascot Capsule 3D. With only three published versions it already shows an excellent level of compatibility and precision. The great limitation of this emulation is that it does not support Mascot Capsule 3D shading, so the games, although they show polygons and textures, look a bit flat, depending on the level of shading they originally used. Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow 3D suffers a lot from this problem. The Sony Ericsson SDK does show shading, however the sound tends to fail habitually, unlike the J2ME-Loader. Woesss has compiled a list of about 80 Mascot Capsule 3D games, although it is probably not complete, far from it. I test a good handful of them, including everyone known to the Fishlabs company which includes Galaxy on Fire 2 and Rally Masters Pro. Here is link of JL-MOD (MASCOT CAPSULE V3 SUPPORTABLE) –

    1. Only4Gamers

      Ah, Mascot Capsule 3D. Fishlabs was my favourite developer in Java. And I played every fishlabs game except Sony Ericsson exclusive games, like robot alliance 3D and Motoraver 3D. I tried tooooooooooooo hard to find these games for nokia and downloaded these games from 50+ sites, but no luck. Always the same error about Mascot Capsule 3D.
      Who are you bro? How you know so much?
      And thanks for the mod link.

  16. Avatar

    Now, you can play exclusive SONY ERICSSON games like ROBOT ALLIANCE, MOTORAVER, AND BLADE & MAGIC on JL-MOD by woesss
    Come back to tell me your experience about mod!
    Ovont X

  17. Avatar

    You asked me: “who are you?”
    ME: A indian guy who is diehard fan of java game.
    You: “how you know so much?”
    ME: i know this because of my guruji “internet”.

    I have seen very less like you who love java games even today!
    Ops! I think my data pack is over! See you soon after 20 days! Bye!

    1. Only4Gamers

      Yeah, thanks. See you soon.

  18. Avatar

    Hey bro! I have a question, Do you play java games even now?

    1. Only4Gamers

      No bro.

  19. Avatar

    Oh! Sorry for asking you that question, well I was thinking if you like java game then you would also like Symbian game?
    Ever played symbian game?
    I’m supposing to tell you about EKA2L1 EMULATOR (symbian emulator).
    Yes, if you know about this emulator then again sorry for asking, but if you not then i will suggest you to check out that thing!

    By the way! You tried or tested that JL-MOD or not?

    1. Only4Gamers

      Thanks, I didn’t know about this emulator yet. I surely like to try some symbian games. I download this emulator and tried 2 games and both showing error when I am adding games in the emulator. Which games you played in this emulator?

      And I didn’t tried JL Mod yet. I already played all java games bro. Playing Java games with touch is no fun like playing with keypads. Playing Java on Android may ruin my sweet memories of Java. So I find it better to not play Java games for good.

  20. Avatar

    For your question on symbian emulator –
    here is link on how to use that emulator –
    While youtube have some videos on how to use EKA2L1 emulator, just search it!
    For your answer on playing java game –
    WOW!!!!!!! JUST WOW!!!! Its good to know about reason why you can’t play java games on android. I really appeiciate it, how you respect java games and sweet ‘n’ old memories of playing java games. Its sad that era of keypad mobile and games are gone but both things will alway stay in our heart.
    By the way, as you said that you played every single java games! Here is the list of some java games i played and i am sure you not played it when you play java game on that time (maybe if you played all game or not)
    P.S – Question 1: which keypad mobile you used to play java games on that time? Nokia N95?
    Question 2: do you have that keypad mobile even now?

    1. Only4Gamers

      Thanks bro. From your list I didn’t played some of games, like sudden strike Me and Split Second Velocity.

      A1. My first java phone was SE W200i, which was best for gaming even with small screen 128×160. Because SE phones support Mascot Capsule 3D games. My second phone was Nokia C101 128×160. And third and last phone was Nokia Asha 300 240×320.

      A2. I still have Nokia Asha 300.

  21. Avatar

    Well, my first phone was NOKIA 5310 XpressMusic, which was later destroyed by my little sister. My second mobile is SAMSUNG Metro 350, which is also nearly damaged from water. It’s display and charging point is no more to use, but mobile is even working now with black screen (Thanks to my sister, why she always try to destroy my mobiles).
    Anyway, as you said you not played SPLIT SECOND VELOCITY and SUDDEN STRIKE ME.
    well, SPLIT SECOND VELOCITY is action based racing game by DISNEY INTERACTIVE STUDIO, In the game, players take part in a fictional reality television show, consisting of a variety of events, each focusing on destructible environments triggered remotely by driver actions known as “power plays”.
    while, SUDDEN STRIKE ME is role playing and real time tactic game based on world war by LIVING MOBILE (JAVA VERSION). In the game, The player selects a faction (e.g. Soviets, Germans, or Allied forces) and gains control of many varied units such as infantry, tanks and artillery. The games focus primarily on tactics, eschewing traditional real-time strategy resource gathering and base development.
    Both are intresting game, specially SPLIT SECOND VELOCITY, you can play both games on your nokia asha 300 (when you are in mood to play java game).
    If you use PPSSPP emulator or you have computer, you can try SPLIT SECOND VELOCITY HD on it. Here is the link of youtube video that showing gameplay of it –
    I bet you would like it.😎

    1. Only4Gamers

      Yeah, thank you so much. I will check about these games.

  22. Avatar

    Pls where’s the emulator download link sir

    1. Only4Gamers

      Link is in instructions. J2me Loader Apk.

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