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Creating a list of the best Android games of all time is never so easy. There is already uncountable Android games are there and every day more and more Android games are coming. It’s really tough for anyone to create a perfect list of best Android games of all time. But here, I am trying to create a perfect list of best Android games of all time after playing thousands of Android games.

Try these best Android games and feel free to mention your best games in the comments as well.

Galaxy on Fire 2

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD AndroidGalaxy on Fire 2 HD is a Space Shooter Simulation game by DS Fishlabs. Well, this game doesn’t need any introduction to anyone. Many of us already played it on our Java mobiles. That time in Java it really amaze us all that how it’s possible to play such a great game in low end Java phones in just 1 MB game size. This game is my all time favorite in Java and also one of the best games in android too. With its amazing graphics and Unique but amazing gameplay, there is no surprise that it is one of the best android games of all time.

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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Brothers A Tale of Two Sons AndroidBrothers a Tale of Two Sons is an adventure game by 505 Games Srl. This game is about the adventures and fairy-tale journey of two brothers Naia and Naiee. This game has everything which you can expect in your favorite adventure game. Stunning graphics, story filled with adventure, action and emotions. With its amazing console quality graphics this game will easily amaze you in every moment. It’s really tough to find such an amazing game like this, so don’t even think to miss it. Must download this game right now and experience the adventurous journey, you will never forget.

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Monument Valley

Monument Valley AndroidMonument Valley is a Puzzle Adventure game by Ustwo Games. This is the best puzzle game I ever played. Mostly, people’s thinks that puzzle games can’t give best gaming experience. But after playing this game, anyone’s thinking will be change for forever about puzzle games. Monument Valley is a perfectly balanced game where levels are neither very tough nor very easy. Monument valley is looking perfectly with its beautiful graphics where everything happens in right time in a right way. Each and every level has something different to amaze you, sometimes with its graphics, sometimes with its puzzles and sometimes with something different.

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The Inner World

The Inner World AndroidThe Inner World is a point-and-click adventure game by Headup Games. The Inner World is one of the best games in android I played ever. After playing this superb game, I really want to play some more similar games like this. There is the best hand-drawn graphics and animations in this game, which perfectly fits into this game. The best thing about this game is its story which makes it one of the best adventure games in android. Music, voice acting and dialogues are also perfect. The Inner World is filled with adventure, mysteries, emotions, drama and lots of humor and fun. And with all its good features no adventure fan ever wants to miss this superb game.

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Brothers A Tale of Two Sons AndroidOxenfree is an adventure game from the developer Night School Studio. It’s a supernatural thriller about a group of friends who come to Edwards Island, an ex-military base for some overnight party, but unwittingly opened a ghostly rift. Play as Alex, a young, teenager girl and unravel the secrets and the dark past of the Edwards Island. Will you able to save Alex and her friends from this haunted island?

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Love You to Bits

Love You to Bits AndroidLove You to Bits is a Point-and-click adventure game. With beautiful graphics and great gameplay, it can win your heart in no time. A must try game for everyone.

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Minecraft AndroidMinecraft is an open world sandbox game where you can craft and build anything you can imagine. Create anything simple as a small house to a big castle. There are many different modes in this game. Like you can play survival mode, multiplayer mode or most popular creative mode. Survival mode is not very good for mobile devices. But the creative mode is just as good as the PC version.

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Iron Marines

Iron Marines AndroidIron Marines is a Real Time Strategy game by developer Ironhide Game Studio. I am a big fan of RTS games like Command & Conquer and Art of War from Java days. But unfortunately there are very few games in this genre for Android. Iron Marines is one of the few games which doing justice to this genre. A good RTS game with nice graphics and deep strategy. If you like strategy games then you should try it now.

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