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From previous 1 year we are running Only4Gamers website in the loss. As we are not showing any ads and we don’t have any other source of income. While we were still paying for Hosting, Domain etc. To run this website continuously, we finally decided to show Ads again in Only4Gamer. We understand seeing ads can be little frustrating at some time. But we don’t have any other choice. We just hope you all will understand our situation.

Thank you so much to everyone for your love and support.

Did you see any Bad Ad on website?

If you see any Bad Ad on website, which you don’t want to see here, please let us know. We already contacted Ad Network to remove any unwanted Ad. If you see any Wrong Ad or Push Notification here, just take a screenshot of the ad (If possible), copy that website link and send us to Or send us these details any other way you can. Then we will try to remove that ad completely as soon as possible.

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    Got it. Thank you for providing us with free games ❤👍

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    Cluster thorthor

    Thanks I have assist you a lot by introducing you site on groups on Facebook and many from nigeria with is my county many have visited you site today when I posted all the game i downloaded from your site and from YouTube and other site but after visiting they told me some think with I would like to share with you

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    Cluster thorthor

    In mine post I have many lack in which some other smart gamers grab from me today many comment many asking for direct download link I was unable just telling them to search your site on google I posted more than 50 game twice and other youtuber and gamer started given them link because the comment was numerous and my screenshot draw many people attention so pls can I share the problems with you so can you can find a solution and your site will be well know I have always promise to let your site to be know far wide and well recognized among gamers

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    Cluster thorthor

    How can I show you some screenshot

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    Ajaniz sthor~thor

    Ok nah thanks

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    Not a problem ❤️

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