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Redcon is a Strategy game by developer Hexage. It’s a different kind of strategy game where you operate a fort, fully loaded with artillaries, cannons, rockets and some super destructive weapons like nuclear and bio weapons and more. In half of your screen you will see your fort while in the other half you see enemy fort. Just use your weapons, defense system and tactics wisely to destroy enemy fort, before they destroy yours. The game is very easy in the beginning, but it will give you some serious challenges in later levels.

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Command your own battle fortress! Assemble the mightiest artillery force and bombard your foes into oblivion! Lead the Empire State offensive against Traitor General and his foul rebellion.
★ Build and customize your battle fortress as you wish
★ Use Active Pause to freeze time and issue multiple orders instantly
★ Command vast arsenal of weapons, from individual soldiers to superguns
★ Infiltrate, Annihilate or grind your targets down through Attrition
Set in the dystopian future in which the First World War never ended, humanity knows only war and bombardment.
You are a Strike Commander, tasked by Fuhrer of the Empire State to spearhead an artillery offensive against Traitor General Kranz. You might be the one to end all wars.

Customize and manage your battle fortress.

Grow and upgrade your arsenal of weapons and utility facilities, then place them in different slots of your fortress layout.

You are in command.

Target your guns and command your soldiers. Active Pause allows you to freeze time and issue multiple orders simultaneously. Put out fires, repair damaged weapons and unleash orchestrated assaults on your opponent.

Get rewards for victory.

Gain new fortress layouts as you conquer the rogue state of Krux, earn medals and perks to aid you in battle.


There is always a chance for victory! Read more on how to build your fortress and get most out of your deadly arsenal.

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Requires: Android 4.0+
Latest Version
In-App Purchases: No
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