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One more upcoming game by NetEase Games. Hyper Front or previously also known as Project M is a 5v5 competitive FPS game, very similar or a copy of Volarant.

Hyper Front Mobile Android & iOS

Hyper Front Beta Apk Download

Hyper Front Apk+Obb


Rush, aim, and fire! The ultimate FPS mobile game.

*Please note that only certain mobile device models are supported in this beta test.
Rush, aim, and fire! The ultimate free-to-play FPS mobile game, bringing the most breathtaking and authentic shooting experience for tactical shooter fans!
– Hyper Front is a 5v5 character-based FPS game set in a near-future sci-fi world.
– Intense PvP competition! Employ advanced weapons and command unique hero abilities to create tactical opportunities.
– Exciting, precise, and realistic battle experience!
– A 3A masterpiece on mobile! Enter a visually stunning sci-fi universe.

Diverse Hero Abilities!

Each hero has a unique set of tactical abilities — Area scan, Teleport, Block, Shrouding, and more… Plus more opportunities to let your gunplay shine, and MORE FUN!

Cutting-edge Arsenal!

UZI, UMP, Barrett, AK… Classic weapons evoke real shooting excitement! Each firearm has special attributes to cater to specific playstyles. Also, define your style further with weapon skins and accessories!

5v5 Search & Destroy Mode and MORE!

Gather your friends and squad up for a classic 5v5 Search & Destroy match! Deploying and retrieving the Starcore is the key to winning. Here, your tactics, reflexes, marksmanship, and cooperation are equally important. Death Fight and MORE game modes are constantly evolving for you!

Meticulous Maps: Fight around the world!

Momijigawa, Polar Exploration Center, City of Citizens – Kavilek, City of Gardens – Strocci… Compete on these diverse, multicultural maps and master their minute details! Each map has been carefully designed to support diverse tactics, be it sniping or rushing, whichever you favor. Numerous hidden surprises await!

Vibrant and Stylish Sci-fi Design

A stylish sci-fi aesthetic shaped with vibrant visual style and unique character designs!

Unreal Engine 4: Realistic Sci-fi Battlefield

Enjoy a console-quality immersive gunfight experience on mobile devices! Years in the making, the Hyper Front team is proud to present a realistic sci-fi battleground with groundbreaking graphics!

Extreme Compatibility & Smooth Gameplay

Compatibility with a wide range of devices enables you to enjoy smooth gaming with your friends anytime, anywhere!

Release Date:

The latest soft launch is here. Global launch in a few months.

Watch Gameplay:

Requires: Android 6.0+
Latest Version:

How to Download Hyper Front for Android:

1. Use any VPN and connect to the Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, Brazil, Myanmar or Thailand region.
2. Open Google Play App Settings and Clear all data.
3. Click on the link below and install the game.
Apk ⇩
4. Once the download has started, you can turn off your VPN.
5. Launch the game online and log in. Choose a region that is giving the best ping.
6. Use any VPN to connect to the location you selected earlier and click Start to start the game.

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