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Modern Jet Fighters is an upcoming arcade jet fighter from FreakGames. Its first beta version is already here which you can download from here now. And its second beta test is about to start soon, which will include a new multiplayer mode and new jet fighters.

Modern Jet Fighters Android & iOS

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Modern Jet Fighters is a session competitive arcade game for iOS and Android.

The game provides an opportunity to participate in online battles against other players using modern combat aircraft. Modern Jet Fighters has absorbed the best of the well-known games of the genre, adapting the complex mechanics of piloting a modern jet fighter for mobile devices.

The gameplay is presented in the form of cinematic “dogfight” battles with frenzied dynamics. Well, in between battles, the player will have access to a wide fleet of military equipment with a flexible pumping system, improvements and customization.

The MJF team has been working on the project for more than 3 years. We completely redesigned the game a huge number of times, changed the design of the user interface / UX, 3d models and game mechanics to get the best result.

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Requires: Android 5.1+
Latest Version: 0.4.2

Download Modern Jet Fighters for Android & iOS:

A new update is coming soon which you can download from here soon.


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