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Playing Grand Theft Auto 5 or GTA 5 on a Mobile device, the dream of most mobile users. But will this dream ever come true?

As I can see in my website stats, so many people are looking for GTA 5 Apk here, so I thought I should let everyone know if you can download GTA V on your Android devices or not. And also clarify some other doubts about GTA 5 Android.

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Is GTA 5 available for Android?

No. There is no official GTA 5 game available for Mobile devices yet.

When will GTA 5 be available for Mobile devices?

Most likely never.

When other GTA games are available for Mobile devices then why not GTA 4 and 5?

All other GTA games available for Mobile devices were made in RenderWare engine, an old engine from PS2 era. That’s why Rockstar Games has easily ported them to mobile devices. While GTA 4 and 5 are made in RAGE (Rockstar Advanced Gaming Engine), which is a very advanced engine. Even if Rockstar Games brings GTA 4 to Mobile, most Mobile devices will not be able to run this game. So, even GTA 4 is like impossible for Mobile devices, how can you expect GTA 5 on Mobile?

Then what options do we have?

As mobile devices are becoming more and more powerful everyday, we might see at least GTA 4 in coming years. But it’s better to forget about GTA 5 for now. If you are really that crazy about GTA 5 then you can try fan-made GTA 5 Mods.

Download GTA 5 Apk for Android

Here I will add some of the best GTA 5 fan-made mods.

1. This is the first fan-made GTA 5 in the list. You can roam freely around the map on foot or by car. Currently there is no mission or NPC in the game. We may see more features in future updates, but for now there nothing much in this game.

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Updated on: 06-10-2021

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