FIFA 20 Android Mod FIFA 14

After the huge successes of FIFA 18 MOD and FIFA 19 MOD now finally I am adding here FIFA 20 MOD of FIFA 14 Android. This is the latest update of this game and there will be a lot of new features you will see in the future updates. Stay in touch using below platforms to get every update first:

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FIFA 20 Mod FIFA 14 Android

FIFA 14 Mod FIFA 20 Android


* All features of FIFA 19 Mod.

* Latest roster 19/20, league and transfer players.

* New Faces and Hair for Messi (Tattoo), C. Ronaldo, Neymar, Mbappe, Pogba, Coutinho, Sergio Ramos(Tattoo), Dybala, Toni Kroos, Gareth Bale and many more players.

* Kits/Uniforms 19/20 and 3rd Kits. (Many teams support 3rd kits).

* Best HD Graphics.

* New soundtracks.

And many, many more cool features, plus lots of new things with each and every update.

Download links for FIFA 20 Android MOD FIFA 14:

Latest FIFA 22 MOD is now available. Please download FIFA 22 MOD from the below link:

FIFA 22 MOD FIFA 14 Android

Updated on: 08-06-2020

FIFA 20 MOD Gameplay:

Install Instruction for FIFA 14 Mod FIFA 20:

1. Download Apk+Obb+Data file from above links. Use Mega App for Downloading Game Files.
2. Extract all files Using ZArchiver App only. Watch above video for password.
3. After extraction completed, open apk file from extracted files and install it, but don’t open it.
4. Open OBB folder and copy folder to Android>Obb>[Here].
5. Open DATA folder and copy folder to Android>Data>[Here].
6. That’s it, now just open the game and enjoy.
7. Read below, how to download commentary and other F.A.Qs.

Note: Must copy all files to internal storage ( phone storage) only.

How to download commentary:

1. Turn on your internet/wifi.
2. Open game and click on customize.
3. Click on update squad, when pop up appear, click no.
4. Then go to game audio settings and download commentary in any language.

If game is force closing for you:

1. Select “Simulate” in Kits changing screen before a match.
2. Wait for up to 1 minute.
3. If there is full time writing.
4. Press the check button for continue the game.
5. Done.

How to change game language:

1. Download this locale.ini file from here.
2. Sometimes .txt automatically added after this file name when you download. Just remove .txt from the file name (rename it to locale.ini). This file name must be locale.ini only.
2. Overwrite this locale.ini file to: Android/data/[Overwrite/Paste here].
3. Open this file using any txt editor app, search for DEFAULT_TEXT_LANGUAGE and change ENG_US to any language, using below codes:
ENG_US for English (default)
FRE_FR for French
SPA_ES for Spanish
GER_DE for German
ITA_IT for Italian
JPN_JP for Japanese
KOR_KR for Korean
CHS_CN for Chinese
RUS_RU for Russian
POR_BR for Portuguese
DUT_NL for Dutch

After that save file and start the game.

About extra db files:

There are some extra db files in the data file. You can use them to explore more game features. But be careful if you change db file after playing some matches, your old save games will be crash. So you need to start again.

In the extracted data file there are 2 db files. Choose a db file best for you. And copy fifa.db from there to:
Android/data/[here]. Overwrite old fifa.db file.

db 2 has latest transfers, but it can be less stable.

Default fifa.db file is db 1.
Note: There is no extra db for the current version.

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  1. Ismaila

    Wow thanks

    1. Only4Gamers

      You’re Welcome bro.

    2. Abhishek Rai

      Not working… It says fine not purchased

    3. Only4Gamers

      You didn’t copied obb folder correctly.

    4. Collins

      The Songs are still old and make improvements on their hair like mount.
      but good work on the game

    5. Yamkelani Mdlalo

      Dude it’s amazing, even though it’s old it’s a 10,and I realised why all the other guys can’t paly the game,it’s because they don’t follow the instructions, anyways the game is a 10,salute ya

    6. Wenderson

      What is the password to open the file?

    7. Only4Gamers

      Please watch above video for password. Password in video. Watch completely.

    8. Kenny

      Good graphics ,but some players are missing in some teams for example joao Felix in atletico .m,danny rose in spurs. Please check it out and you are doing good thanks.

    9. Only4Gamers


    10. John Freeman @24

      Bro I like ur games but I have a problem wit the ratings of players so please in the next update can u try and fix them . but other than that u the greatest bro

    11. Only4Gamers

      Yes, I will keep improving this game. Thanks.

    12. Edward

      Why password?

    13. Only4Gamers

      To protect file from EA and some other reasons.

    14. Yann

      When I enter tournament mode choose my team and the game stop!Why did the game close??
      Help please!

    15. Only4Gamers

      Bro Tournament mode is not available in this mod, because of some problems. Please enjoy other game modes.

    16. Karl

      Why is the game not opening, it keeps saying fifa 20 has stopped

    17. Only4Gamers

      Check carefully if you copied obb and data correctly.

    18. David Jonathan

      Am awaiting the updated version with the tournament mode. When will this be out. and how do I adjust GK difficulty

  2. Chuky

    Pls is commentary still d same?

    1. Only4Gamers

      Yes. Making changes in commentary not possible.

    2. Presh

      Are the transfers up to date bro

    3. Only4Gamers

      No bro. But in the next update.

  3. giosnow99

    Can i change the language of the game? If yes, how?

    1. Only4Gamers

      Open locale.ini file in Android/data/ using any text editor app. First search for LANG_OVERRIDE and change its value to 0 from 1. Then search for DEFAULT_TEXT_LANGUAGE and change ENG_US to ITA_IT for Italian language.

    2. Oluwaseun

      Are the players age real in manager mode?it makes it more realistic if it’s real

    3. Only4Gamers

      Yes, almost real. 1-2 year difference.

    4. Only4Gamers

      Watch above video for password. Watch complete video carefully.

    5. Only4Gamers

      Please watch above video completely. Password in video.

    6. Kenny

      Is it possible to update the commentary file so as its able to mention the all the players by their names as in FIFA 20 for PS 4

    7. Only4Gamers

      Not possible bro.

  4. Alexcs

    I tried to start a tournament, but as soon as I select the team and confirm it crashes the game, why?

    1. Only4Gamers

      Extract data file, Copy folder to Android/data/here. Don’t use manager mode db or ucl db if you want to play tournament. If tournament still not work then follow this:
      delete folder matchday, in Android/data/ (delete matchday folder)

    2. David

      i have tried to extract the apk then install it ,,,,but it is saying there was an error parsing the package could you please help me,,,

    3. Only4Gamers

      What is your Android version? Parsing problem means your Android version is very low or your apk file is corrupted, in this case you need to download it again.

  5. Kayode

    The squad I have here is the one that has Pedro in Barcelona… Please help.

    1. Only4Gamers

      Maybe you didn’t copied data folder correctly. In which mode you are seeing this? manager mode or tournament mode?

    2. TonyKing

      What I hate most, is how dully the cpu played when facing my goalkeeper
      ” No reality” “No challenging”
      Once that happened, All my energy is gone and I just get tired playing anymore

    3. Only4Gamers

      There are many settings to increase/decrease difficulty. If you find FIFA 20 mod not for you, then wait for new FIFA 19 mod tomorrow. Which is going to be the biggest update in this whole series with 100+ new faces. And I am very sure you will like upcoming update.

    4. Only4Gamers

      Watch above video. Password in video.

    5. Luís

      Não consegui encontra a senha do apk… por favor me ajuda.

    6. Only4Gamers

      senha no vídeo acima bro. Assista ao vídeo com cuidado e completamente.

  6. Tiyo

    Nice game keep it up i love this site

    1. Only4Gamers

      Watch above video for password.

  7. Anthony

    Thanks for the recent update Bro.
    Would it be possible to compress the OBB file lower than what it is say 600 to 800mb, please?

    How do you play tournament or Manager mode without the game crashing? Explain further about the tournament db or Manaher db…thanks

    I know this is not the right place, but how do one make a game request on your site, cos I have some games I’d love to request.

    1. Only4Gamers

      Thanks for your time and this long comment bro.

      Obb file is already compressed to its best for everyone’s best.

      From data file, copy folder to Android/data/here for best stability. If you want more faces in manager mode then only use manager db. But then, you won’t play tournament mode anymore.

      For game request I created a new page. You can request games there:
      Game Request Page

  8. Only4Gamers

    Password in above video

  9. Tiyo

    The game is okay but u need to add up more updates like players age and latest transfer updates because i can still see some players where they are not suppose to be make ur updates the best of best

    1. Only4Gamers

      Game is frequently getting updates. It will only get better. More features, latest transfer, new faces, etc. in next update.

  10. Mark

    I’ve fully watched the video but did not see the password. Please admini, what should i do?

    1. Priyanghsu

      Yes I also

  11. Mark

    I’ve seen it. Admin. Tanks

    1. Only4Gamers

      You’re welcome 😊

    2. Ryan

      There’s no password in the video

    3. Only4Gamers

      There’s password in above video bro. Just watch complete video without skipping any part.

  12. lucas

    intento extraer la aplicacion del fifa 20 con la contrasena d4rm4ns r&g y no funciona,porfa necesito ayuda

    1. Only4Gamers

      Contraseña en el video de arriba. Mira el video completo con cuidado.

  13. Asapking

    Password please

    1. Only4Gamers

      Password in above video.

  14. Chuky

    Game has been removed from media fire
    Admin help pls

    1. Only4Gamers

      Thank you for letting me know. I will re upload it very soon.

  15. Chuky

    I downloaded d game but after moving d old speech folder to data commentary wasn’t still working at all in game
    Help me pls

    1. Only4Gamers

      Not just speech folder. You need to copy old Profile file also.

    2. inhibitor255

      I can’t download data file. Pls help

    3. Only4Gamers

      New mega link added.

    4. Gui

      does this game need Internet to play?

    5. Only4Gamers

      No. Play offline.

  16. Chuky

    I copied only speech n deleted remaining folders in data
    So i need to download commentary all over

    1. Only4Gamers

      Wait, I am giving you Profile file.


    why can’t I progress in the champions league matches even after deleting the match day folder?
    The game keeps force closing…I can only play the tournament mode…Is there any way I can play the career mode…(ESPECIALLY THE CHAMPIONS LEAGE…IT’S FUN)…Without it force closing??

    1. Only4Gamers

      Bro please look at F.A.Qs. Maybe you will find your answers.

  18. Chuky

    Tanx alot bro u jst saved my data…nice work n update so far
    I really appreciate.

    Pls Y do players miss control of d ball wen being passed at d beginning of every match…could dere b a remedy to it?

    1. Only4Gamers

      I will look at this problem.

  19. Chuky

    Pls bro d manager mode force closes wen loading every new match even after deleting match day folder wat shud i do?
    Am only interested in manager mode

    1. Only4Gamers

      If you changed db then it may causing this problem.

  20. Chuky

    I jst added d profile u gave me 4 my speech dats all. I even went as far as deleting all data folder n downloading it back bt d bug was nt fixed….bt wen i deleted data file it stopped

    1. Only4Gamers

      Reinstall game bro. Because you deleted data file. If you are finding FIFA 20 buggy for you then please try FIFA 19 Mod which is very stable for playing many seasons and it’s easy to install too.

  21. Chuky

    Ok tanx.
    Is dere a date 4 d next update?

    1. Only4Gamers

      No bro.

  22. Mohamed

    Is there training in the game?

    1. Only4Gamers

      I don’t think there is any training mode 🤔. But you can turn on tutorial from settings.

  23. Samaradin

    Bro The game is online or offline?

    1. Only4Gamers


  24. Samaradin

    Please bro can you post this game on mediafire or other link

    1. Only4Gamers

      Not possible bro. Mediafire always deleting my files. Download using Mega Android app. It’s very fast.

  25. John

    Can it work on 512 ram

    1. Only4Gamers

      No bro.

  26. Samaradin

    How many free space Need to extract the file

    1. Only4Gamers

      Around 2 GB.

  27. Aisha

    What is the space required???

    1. Only4Gamers

      Around 2.5 GB.

  28. Fairul

    This game use how much ram?

    1. Only4Gamers

      Will work good on 1GB ram or higher.

  29. Ferdinand

    Is online or multiplayer mode supported in this game?

    1. Only4Gamers

      No bro.

  30. AlAli

    Please upload fifa 12 for me

    1. Only4Gamers

      Ok, I will try to find a working version, if available.

  31. El Shaarawy

    Very good game it’s the best game i think Thank you very much

  32. Calvin

    Sorry, but the Obb link isn’t responding

    1. Only4Gamers

      Check from server 3, which is Mediafire.

  33. Felix

    Please I can’t install the two data files help me

    1. Only4Gamers

      You need to choose only one data file from above.

  34. Felix

    Please I don’t have mega app

    1. Only4Gamers

      Just download it from play store. It’s free.

  35. Chuky

    Data file link isn’t responding….
    Admin pls do something

    1. Only4Gamers

      Links are fixed now.

  36. Ashley

    Can’t able to download the data file for manager mode+UCL+international +more faces

    1. Only4Gamers

      Links are fixed now.

  37. Calvin

    Thank You for updating the obb link
    It works now, oh by the way your link for the manager mode+international +tournament has been blocked by Google drive

    1. Only4Gamers

      Thanks for informing me. Links are fixed fixed now.

  38. Bangukuy

    Sorry for my many comments, I think its don’t leave

    1. Only4Gamers

      Links are fixed now.

  39. Bangukuy

    Thanks, thats top!!!

  40. Emmy

    We have two data files , which is the best to download ?

    1. Only4Gamers

      Now I updated with only one data file with some bug fixed. But now tournament mode is not available.

  41. inhibitor255

    What is meant obb(server 1) and server(2)?

    1. Only4Gamers

      Download from any server you prefer. Download from any one link only.

  42. werbeth

    Nao consigo ver a senha

    1. Only4Gamers

      senha no vídeo acima. assista ao vídeo completo com cuidado.

  43. Felix

    I can’t download any two of the data files

    1. Only4Gamers

      New mega link added.

  44. Алиев Ибрагим

    Можно пароль не могу найти

    1. Only4Gamers

      пароль в видео выше

  45. Zarni

    cant download data file pls help!

    1. Only4Gamers

      New mega link added.

  46. Theohamidu

    Keep it upto date please

    1. Only4Gamers

      Yes, always.

  47. Timothy

    Please update the Jersey of chelsea

    1. Only4Gamers

      Yes very soon.

  48. Gaga

    Please did the manager mode work for playing more season

    1. Only4Gamers


  49. Julian

    Will there be more updates in the near future? If it does, when? Thank you so much for the game.

    1. Only4Gamers

      Yes, there will be more updates. More update every month. There is no fix time for next update for now. Stay connected using Facebook and YouTuber to know first about every update.

  50. Eko

    how to make tournaments play ??? it’s stuck in my house since. I can only play exhibition and career mode.

    1. Only4Gamers

      Tournament mode is removed for now.

  51. Eko

    C’est possible d’avoir le jeu en français?

    1. Only4Gamers

      Oui, nouveau tutoriel ajouté pour changer de langue.

  52. Moin Abdullah

    Hi, Bro
    Is there new face of messi?
    Can we play FIFA World Cup in FIFA 14?
    Plz tell me

    1. Only4Gamers

      Yes new face of messi. But world cup not available.

  53. willis john

    Nice game but the kind of celebration when taking trophy isn’t impressive why don’t you adjust at least the trophy to be displayed coptain to hold trophy as the victors celebrate? It could be More impressive if I we seen that adjustment

    1. Only4Gamers

      This is not possible for me bro. But you will see some impressive changes in future updates.

  54. Eko

    Où sont les liens de “manager mode+UCL+international +more faces” ???

    1. Only4Gamers

      Il y a quelques bugs dans ces mises à jour, donc je les supprime.


    Les tenues du gardien de but sont toutes noires. Il n’y a pas de couleurs. d’ailleurs bon travail

    1. Only4Gamers

      Il reste encore quelques bugs. Sera corrigé dans les prochaines mises à jour.

  56. Mbaye mbodj

    Mot de passe svp

    1. Only4Gamers

      Mot de passe en vidéo. Regardez la vidéo complète attentivement.

  57. Israel

    Nice game bro..
    Pls i need commentary file

    1. Only4Gamers

      Please read instruction for downloading commentary.

  58. Israel

    Yes sir…i have but its not working.
    Can’t find Update squad in customize

    1. Only4Gamers

      In game go to customize>Controls Options, swipe on it and you will get update squad.

  59. Israel

    Thanks a lot for your prompt response…
    I’ve seen it now.

    1. Only4Gamers

      Always ready to help

    2. Massa

      Est ce que vous pouvez me donner un exemple d’application capable de changer le tex ENG en FR s’il vous plaît👌

    3. Only4Gamers

      lisez le tutoriel ci-dessous pour changer cette langue de jeu.

  60. Peter Jeff

    I’m playing manager mode. Just played 2 games then now every time I finish a game it crashes. I restart the app then same problem goes.
    Really appreciate your help on this.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Only4Gamers

      Please read instruction on Force close.

  61. Saviour

    Please when will you guys include Multiplayer in FIFA, Because this is one of the features I love ❤ most

    1. Only4Gamers

      Multiplayer not possible bro.

  62. Pius

    Please help. All those tournaments I saw in the video I can’t find any of them in my own tournament. It’s only one Argentina Liga. How can I fix that please

    1. Only4Gamers

      Game got an update bro. And tournament mode is removed in update for better stability. Will be added again in future updates.

  63. Danny

    Please update please

    1. Only4Gamers

      Very soon.

  64. Azhar

    nice game bro

    1. Azhar

      ●add new music
      ●fix the scout
      ●add real name of manager in manager mode
      ●add real faces with their hair style
      ●add real new boots

  65. Only4Gamers

    You need password for unlock. Read instruction and watch video for password.

  66. Only4Gamers

    No, password is different. Watch complete video bro.

  67. Tarek

    Hello bro, i have a problem when i want to play tournament mode it shows only argentina league and there’s no team to select and some kits in the international teams are not correct, how can i solve the problem. Thnx

    1. Only4Gamers

      Bro read above. I already mentioned that tournament mode is removed for now. Will be available in future updates.

    2. Tarek

      Oh ok bro thnx alot.

  68. Ahanf

    Need Help its showing you havent purchased the game
    I cant play

    1. Only4Gamers

      You didn’t copied obb folder correctly.

  69. Emericc

    Je veux le mettre en français mais j’ai pas compris j’ai telechargé local.ini jmais je ne sais pas comment l’ouvrir dans android

  70. Uvej shaikh

    Is it possible to listen name of each player in commentary like messi,c.ronaldo,kroos,but players like pogba,martial,neymar,dybala,dembele we dont hear.CAN IT BE FIXED???? And inform us when the next update will be done??

    1. Only4Gamers

      Sorry but making changes in commentary is not possible for me. Game is updated now.

  71. Only4Gamers

    Password in above video. Watch complete video.

  72. Olaoluwa Bolarinwa

    How do I make any players accept My transfer offer from the data file 🙏🙏

    1. Only4Gamers

      I don’t know bro. I will let you know if I know process.

  73. Ismaila

    Admin this update is lukaku in inter Milan?

    1. Only4Gamers

      Not yet bro. Maybe in the next update.

  74. Only4Gamers

    No. Password in video. Watch complete video.

  75. U dan G

    Hello, dear awesome admin..
    Few questions here.
    1. I have f19mod that i downloaded from here already installed . If i want to play this one, should i redownload all the apk, data, and obb? or i can only download data files and replace the old one with new one?
    2. Can i have both f19mod and f20mod without any 3rd party app like dualspace, etc?
    3. Maybe you knew how to activate money mod or deactivate money mod by editing or modifying some specific files? If u knew, please tell me how to.
    4. Which file to open where i can see or check or edit player database? So then its possible for me to create a new player and put it in a team, or transfer player, or i want to change shirt number of players , change playstyle, change starting budget of some clubs.
    5. How to replace or add the music ingame with my own playlist?

    Sorry if my comment too long and if theres some violation of rules in my questions that im unaware of.
    And many many many thanks for uploading. Stay awesome, dear awesome admin. U da mvp 🙂

    1. Only4Gamers

      Thanks for your kind words bro.
      1. You need to download again all files. All files are different.
      2. You can only install any one version. Uninstall other version first.
      3, 4, 5. There are so many files are there which you must need to edit to get what you want. First, you need a pc to edit those files. And then edit files under data folder and obb file. Some important files are fifa.db and main obb file.

  76. Rudi

    How spec android for download this game?

    1. Only4Gamers

      Phone with at least 1 GB ram can run this game.

  77. Godbless

    I downloaded the commentary inside the game, but can’t it be shared to a friend with the commentary? Those my friend need to download it all over again….. I need help

    1. Only4Gamers

      Just share data file too. Commentary will transfer.

  78. Thomas

    Good game

  79. eyob

    hey bro nice game but can u please provide all the links in mega . if not i would like a recommendation for a browser or app to help download files faster from media fire


    1. Only4Gamers

      You can download big files using UC turbo. UC always known for their download speed and pause and resume feature.

  80. Abbah

    Pls when are you posting the db update ?

    1. Only4Gamers

      Very soon bro. Maybe in one week.

    2. Only4Gamers

      Bro watch video for password.

  81. Pace

    Pls when is the next update coming up, can try to update the graphics like their body in the game, jerseys, also make the game graphics more clearer and brighter than the original Fifa 14, pls while updating, update the squad very well, new transfers. Thanks in advance.

    1. Only4Gamers

      Yeah sure.

  82. Pace

    Is it offline

    1. Only4Gamers

      Yes offline.

  83. Pace

    Please post the game’s full requirements

    1. Only4Gamers

      Just need at least 1 GB ram and nothing more.

  84. Thocin

    I can’t be able to download the apk file….. Am seriously having trouble time with it

    1. Only4Gamers

      Use chrome browser or disable data saving of your browser. And use mega app for fast download.

  85. Daniel

    I cant download data file,

    1. Only4Gamers

      Links are fixed now.

  86. Kaybaba

    Pls bro, the link are not working again

    1. Only4Gamers

      Links are fixed now.

  87. Julián

    Hey nice work you have done. Thank you. But there are many players who are not put in their right position and the rating is off. Can you update that on the next update. Thanks!

    1. Only4Gamers

      Yes. In next update many improvements.

  88. chuky

    Pls bro
    I love sideline camera view bt d players are jst too tiny,is dere any way it can b tweaked to become larger??
    Help me…

    1. Only4Gamers

      Try to adjust display settings.

  89. Kaybaba

    Pls when is the update coming

    1. Only4Gamers

      There is some time bro. Some bugs appear in the version I wanted to upload. But I will upload more updates for sure.

    2. Dini


  90. Irfandi abdillah (indonesia)

    Awesome bro… But i have a little problem here… Hope u can help me… I play “Manager Mode” with ” MM+Legend+New Transfer db” but after i finish all the Pre-Season Match… At the last match and i’ve finish that i stuck/freeze at the “Reschedule/Compelete Transfer” Loading.. I’ve wait a few minute but nothings happen… I never seen this problem in the “FIFA 19 Mod Fifa 14” in your wbsite… Thats all my problem bro.. Really appreciated for your work…

    1. Only4Gamers

      Please read instruction on force closing. Maybe it will fix your problem.

  91. Irfandi abdillah (indonesia)

    Its not forcing close bro… I freezing at loading menu after match… I’ve follow your instruction.. But still.. Nothing happen..

    1. Only4Gamers

      This version is not as stable as FIFA 19 MOD bro. I will try to upload more stable version next time.

  92. Nanda

    Data file please

    1. Only4Gamers

      Links are fixed now.

  93. Frank

    Obb is not working I can’t download iit

    1. Only4Gamers

      Additional link added for obb file.

  94. Abbah

    Pls when is the update coming??

    1. Only4Gamers

      There is some time bro. Maybe more than one week. Just stay tuned using my YouTube channel or this website.

  95. Yeyson Alexander orrego Piedrahíta

    Cono es la contraseña por favor

    1. Only4Gamers

      Vea el video de arriba para la contraseña. contraseña en video

  96. Israel

    Unable to download Data file..pls help

    1. Only4Gamers

      Download mega app from Google play then download using mega app. It’s very easy bro.

  97. Only4Gamers

    Watch above video. Password in video.

  98. Abbah

    Plus when the update is coming?

    1. Only4Gamers

      Latest update is available now.

  99. KEN

    THANKS for update all the time,please keep this ,just one thing the transfer and the player skill is still not up to date, even last time in Pes mod is more reasonable ,for example BAYER MUNCH player kimmich in this update only has 70 but last time when in Pes Mod has 83 ,i love your update all the time,but can you update the transfer and player skill first ? Thanks

    1. Only4Gamers

      In next update many things will be fixed.

  100. Nate

    Please update the apk file to mediafire mega is giving me headache to save apk file after downloaded

    1. Only4Gamers

      Use mega app to download. Mediafire delete my files. So I can’t upload on mediafire.

  101. Pace

    Please do you have FIFA 19 or FIFA 20 original game without human verification.

    1. Only4Gamers

      No bro. All those FIFA 19 and FIFA 20 are fake. Don’t waste your time on these games.

  102. Pace


  103. Hilz

    No update?

    1. Only4Gamers

      There is some time bro.

    2. Only4Gamers

      Watch above video for the password. Password in video.

  104. Anthony

    Thanka for your Good work bro… It’s me Anthony, I hope you remembered.
    Well, I wanted to ask, are you going to provide update with regards to this Jan, 2020 transfers like Man.Utd Bruno Fernandes? If yes, when do we expect the update?

    Also, could you add more offline HD adventure games(ones like that Splinter Cell or 007) and race 😂😂

    N/B: please, if it’s possible, help us to really compress the files to smaller sizes before uploading. Thabk you.

    If you’re on twitter or WhatsApp, kindly drop your contact, so that we can follow and keep upto date with you

    God bless..

    1. Only4Gamers

      FIFA 20 new update is available now with recent transfers and updates. And I will try to add your requested games and will do something on your suggestion. I am on many social networking websites. You can get my social networking websites links from footer of every page. Thanks for this long comment. 🙂

  105. john

    thank you so much

  106. Anthony

    Thanks so much. You wrote that tournament doesn’t work with the latest update, are you going to provide an update or patch that includes tournaments?

    1. Only4Gamers

      Maybe bro. Tournament mode creating some problems.

  107. Loco jr

    Pls Admin,am having a serious problem wit fifa bcs i enjoy sideline camera view most but they apear to be too tiny here even after adjusting in camera setting.could there b any help pls??

    1. Only4Gamers

      Camera height is not changeable bro.

  108. Loco jr

    Too bad 4 me😓😥😣
    Tanx anyway

  109. Joel

    Pls why won’t you guys work on the multi-player offline so that it will be more interesting… Cause I’m tired of playing with computers… Pls admin do work on it cause it will bring more life and fun with lover ones and friends if the multi-player is in the FIFA game for Android offline..

    1. Only4Gamers

      Bro it’s impossible to add multiplayer in this game.

  110. Jackson

    Bro. Plz can you add FIFA 20 mod of 16

    1. Only4Gamers

      Bro no good mod available of FIFA 16. And FIFA 16 servers are down most times. I will add if any good mod available.

  111. Sozin

    Thanks for your good work bro… Pls has the game been updated?

    1. Only4Gamers

      It’s last updated on 23-02-2020 bro.

  112. Hakeem

    What is going on am running d game and they are only telling me to Purchase it y?

    1. Only4Gamers

      You didn’t copied obb folder correctly.

  113. Azubuike David

    Can i change camera height now?

    1. Only4Gamers


    2. Abdullah

      I need tournament moad!!!
      Please help me…..

    3. Only4Gamers

      You can only play tournament mode in original FIFA 14 for now. I always trying to give you tournament mode in this mods, but it’s not possible yet.

  114. Abdullah

    Please help me bro….
    Why not download fifa 20 apk/obb/data file from site?

    1. Only4Gamers

      Hello, download is working very well bro. What problem you are seeing?

  115. Abdul fathah

    Bro, the gameplay is good … but, team squad is not updated .. old wine is in the new bottle..I want to play with the 2020 squad. How is it possible?

    1. Only4Gamers

      Please wait for the next update. Squads will be updated. If you are seeing FIFA 14 Squads then you didn’t copied data folder correctly.

  116. Jeremy

    What can you do to download the commentary when you already have clicked to update the squad, please help.

    1. Only4Gamers

      After clicking update squad, choose no.

  117. Jeremy

    What do you do to download the commentary when you already have updated the squad?
    Please help me

    1. Only4Gamers

      Want to download commentary? Follow instruction in “How to download commentary” above.

  118. Abdullah

    Please help me bro….
    Why not PSG team run manager mode only play 5 or 7 matches than game not work…..😭😭😭

    1. Only4Gamers

      I will check this out bro. And I will try to fix it in the next update.

  119. KelvinCrag

    After installing this game I had to delete my dream league. Cool game!… But when I want to exit game It says ‘are you sure you want to leave FIFA 14?’ Is it possible to change it to 20*? Thanks

    1. Only4Gamers

      I will check this out. Thanks.

  120. Given

    It saying wrong password

    1. Only4Gamers

      Which version you downloaded? FIFA 19 Mod password is available in FIFA 19 download page. And FIFA 20 Mod password is available in above video. Just watch video completely.

  121. Anthony

    Thanks for the update Bro… You’re doing well, atleast it’ll help us during this pandemic…

    My major reason for download is the tournament ooo, so no Manager Mode or something, just kickoff matches.

    Please eh, what version year has the tournament working??

    Thanks & stay safe

    1. Only4Gamers

      There is no recent Mod with tournament mode bro. For now only in original FIFA 14.

    2. Isnan

      Pasword nya apa ya?

    3. Only4Gamers

      Kata sandi dalam video di atas. Tonton video lengkap untuk kata sandi.

  122. Albert

    Pls the app is just blank and nothing shows it does not eves open
    all it says is close up or wait

    1. Only4Gamers

      Copy obb and data folder correctly. You must making mistake somewhere.

  123. john

    thanks bro

  124. Anthony

    Thanks for the new update.

    Does this one come with the full tournament mode and all?

    1. Only4Gamers

      Tournament mode is still not working bro. New Faces, transfers, kits etc are updated.

  125. Chimezie Treasure

    Hello, pls if I download it now will tournament and every other mode work, if some modes will not work pls tell me the modes
    And pls what is the size of the obb after extraction

    1. Only4Gamers

      Online modes and tournament mode not working. Obb+data size 2 gb after extraction.

  126. Bhavit

    Did Everything As Menoned but its getting shut forcefully. Simulated in career mode, full time was written, then checked. Still the problem persists. Please help.

    1. Only4Gamers

      Sorry for the inconvenience. No matter what I tried but game is still crashing in some devices.

  127. cizzar

    Bro my is force closing after three seasons in manager mode and de champions league is not working

    1. Only4Gamers

      Sorry bro. I already tried everything but force closing problem is still happening in some devices. I can’t help in this. ☹️

  128. Barca Boy

    When i install the apk it says Game is not installed

    1. Only4Gamers

      Which Android device you are using? If you have FIFA 14 or any other FIFA game installed then you need to uninstall them first.

  129. alexander

    i have install it but,on update squad i have done it but its still showing the same old players

    1. Only4Gamers

      Don’t click on button Update Squad, it will create bugs. You didn’t copied data folder correctly that is why you are seeing old squad.

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