Plants vs Zombies 3 Apk v1.0.15 Download Android & iOS

Plant vs Zombies 3 is finally here for Android devices. Download the latest version of Plant vs Zombies 3 Apk from here. It is currently still in Beta stage and is only available in some countries. But from Only4Gamers you can download this game and many other games with limited availability.

Plants vs Zombies 3 Apk

Plants vs Zombies 3 Android & iOS

Plants vs Zombies 3 Download Apk


Rebuild Neighborville and battle the fun-dead in the latest installment of your beloved tower defense game series — Plants vs. Zombies 3. Defend your town (and brainz) from hordes of zombies with all-new levels, mechanics, and characters. Adventure and gruesome gardening in Neighborville have never been sweeter!

Dr. Zomboss, and his crew of zany zombies have concocted a new, elaborate scheme to conquer Neighborville. Battle zombies to rebuild Neighborville, one lawn at a time, using zombie-bashing strategy, tower defense gameplay and survival game instincts! Push back the Brain Fog and blast your way through all of the town to restore the peace.

Puzzle action and adventure await with every level. Blast through lawns with exciting boosts like the new and improved Cherry Bomb and different plants with unique strengths. Build your plant defense, puzzle your way through tricky zombie challenges and use strategy to protect your brainz. Play with characters, new and old, including your favorite lawn legends and hilarious zombies.

Survive with the help of your potent army of plants and earn the title of Mayor of Neighborville! Download and join the kooky universe of Plants vs. Zombies today!


Tower defense style fun and thrilling action awaits your army of exciting plants on the lawn. Battle to ensure Neighborville’s survival and prove you have what it takes to become the ultimate garden guardian.
– Tower defense like you know and love. Be strategic!
– Battle zombie favorites like Buckethead across a variety of new, exciting lawns
– Learn exciting tricks to restore the town as you encounter new, powerful zombies
– Build the best survival strategy to be competitive!


Grow plants and reach new heights with your green-thumb! Plants are your weapon against Dr. Zomboss and his zombie horde. Unleash the power of the sun, plants, and toolshed as you ready for battle on the lawn.
– Play with your favorite lawn legends – both new and old – like Peashooter and Chomper
– Grow and rebuild Neighborville as you unlock new tricks, levels and more!
– Discover your plants’ unique strengths and abilities and create the ultimate strategy
– Fight with your garden’s fullest potential as you discover the latest twists in PvZ3!


Puzzle your way through level upon level with new adventures to play and master. Challenges unlike ever before will test your planting abilities to the extreme!
– Puzzles and action never before seen to challenge your brain and brawn
– Blast through levels and unlock new, powerful items to help restore Neighborville
– Fight and defeat zombie units throughout a series of puzzles with unique challenges
– Strategy will be necessary – outwit the competition to come out on top


Garden and zombie action brought to you from a new lens. Play and experience the newly revamped art style of Plants vs. Zombies 3!

Restore Neighborville and earn your zombie-destroyer badge of honor with the latest installment of an epic game: Plants vs. Zombies 3!

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Requires: Android 5.1+
Latest Version 1.0.15
In-App Purchases: Yes

How to Download Plant vs. Zombies 3 for Android:

Note: This beta test is now ended. Please wait for the next beta test.

1. Download Shuttle VPN and connect to the Philippines region.
2. Open Google Play App Settings and Clear all data.
3. Click on the link below and install the game. Once the download has started, you can turn off your VPN.
Apk ⇩
4. Wait for the download to complete. Enjoy.

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