Blade of God II: Orisols Apk+Obb for Android & iOS

Blade of God 2 Orisols is an upcoming action game from developer PG Soul Games. More information and a download link will be available here soon.

Blade of God II Orisols Android & iOS

Blade of God 2 Orisols Beta Apk

Blade of God 2 Orisols Apk+Obb Download


“Blade of God 2” is a 3D hard-core action game, and also a sequel of the “Blade of God series”. In this game, players will be one of the painful, sadness, ordinary character but great heroes in mythology; to have an adventure among the huge and mysterious Nordic Kingdoms, to fight with the “sacrificers” who once lost their “destiny”, and launch a self-redemption travel.

This story happened before the Ragnarok, when the Nordic Kingdoms were surging with an unknown undercurrent. Odin, the king of the Gods, launched a war to capture great souls. Loki, the evil God, appeared from the deep darkness. Chaos, the challenger of fate; Ester, the awakened Valkiri; Hela, the exiled queen of Helheim; and Ziegfeld, the Dragon Slayer. They all have different goals, and they are going to open the prelude of the Ragnarok in this dark age.

Game Elements

◆ Unlimited streaming world destruction setting, unique adventure experience
◆ 4D world architecture, non-linear progression with timeline
◆ Immersive symphony experience, the International Chief Philharmonic Orchestra participates in music recording
◆ 3 optional roles, 12 occupational states, up to 100 kinds of skills that can be learned
◆ Light and heavy weapon switching, weapon instruction, diversified combat system
◆ Abundant monster fighting, double test build+ operation
◆ Full of unknown and random map exploration: random entry, player mounds, disguised monsters, random portals…
◆ Kill bosses and collect body parts that can be worn by yourself
◆ Multiplayer fight, team up with partners to challenge the Boss

Release Date


Requires: Android 8.0+
Latest Version:

Download Blade of God 2 Orisols for Android & iOS:

Coming soon…

Install Instructions

Install Apk, Extract Obb File, Copy extracted Obb folder to Android/Obb/[here] and play online.

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