Google Play Console Will Teach You Patience

I submitted my first Android game on Google Play a few months ago, and soon I realise if I want to go with Google Play, I must have some patience. From your app approval to being shown in Google Play, everything takes too much time. Here I am sharing my experience with Google Play and how much time it takes in difference process.

How long does it take to publish an app on Google Play:

I have published 2 games on Google Play Console so far and both games take exactly three days. So, if you are a new developer, expect review time 3-7 days.

How long before my Game/App appear in Google Play search results:

I published my first game on 04 March, 2020 and my second game on 14 March, 2020 and both games start appearing on search results from 30 March, 2020. So you can expect waiting time 1 month from the publish of your first game. But it may depend on many things, like your game name, competition, how your game performing etc.

Why my game’s reviews are not shown on Google Play Store App:

When I was visiting my game page of Google Play from the browser all reviews are showing, but when I am visiting my game page using Play Store app no reviews are there. But it was fixed once I got 5 reviews. So if you are not seeing any reviews, wait for 5 reviews. But don’t write all reviews yourself, because Google is very smart.

How Frequently Does Google Play Console Statistics and Reports Update:

Google Play Console analytics and reports are late by 1.5 days or 2 days usually. Sometimes your statistics may change after a few days. Worst analytics tool I ever saw.

How much time will it take to start getting some organic downloads on Google Play:

There are two types of organic downloads on Google Play.

Organic Downloads (Search):

I start getting installs through Google Play Search after two and a half months.

Organic Downloads (Explore):

I didn’t received any visitors yet through explore. I will update this answer once I start getting some users.

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